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Indie Game Merchandise from Hound Picked Games

Welcome to the Hound Picked Games merchandise store, brought to you by the award winning team at PR Hound, we have some incredible titles due for release in 2018 and with them, some amazingly cute, awesome and kick ass merchandise to boot!

Looking for a indie game Discord community? Want to rub shoulders with the creators of incredible indie games? 

Join us in the Hound Picked Games Discord server and not only will you do just that, but you'll meet likeminded indie game fanatics including members of the press, YouTube and Twitch streamers, social media influencers and indie game lovers just like you. 

The Hound Picked Games Discord is also the official home of both Battle Princess Madelyn and Dystoria; two incredible HPG titles. 

Ready to join us? https://discord.gg/XgZkz6X

From Home Bear Studios, Nairi is due for release on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Keep your eyes fixed on our store front, we're getting ready to share some incredible Nairi merchandise with you all just in time for the games launch.

From the Canadian based Causal Bit Games, Battle Princess Madelyn is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Steam. Our Battle Princess Madelyn merchandise will include some stunning pixel art t-shirts, hoodies and other accessories.